19 Steps to Running a Successful Silent Auction

Other than Facebook, Instagram and Nextdoor Neighbor are good social media networks to advertise on as well. Local businesses like hair salons or golf courses will often be more than happy to participate. After all, they will benefit from the exposure as well as by being seen as giving to a good cause to support the community. It is important to find volunteers early and make sure that they all understand how a silent auction works.
In this blog, you will read about some exciting auction ideas for charity that will help you collect funds correctly. These bid sheet types offer flexibility in accommodating different auction formats and preferences. You can easily display who your donors and supporters are on our new Silent Auction platform. Be sure to follow up with donors after the event to share the impact their contribution made and express gratitude for their support. By contrast to cash donations and donated property, donated services or the use of property (such as vacation rental time) are not tax deductible.
For online auctions, you’ll look for an individual to take the lead on setting up and customizing your auction page. In order to get bidders to your event, they’ll have to know about it! Have your promotions team spread the word about your auction through social media, email, phone, letters, and word-of-mouth. Be sure to choose items that are unique and will appeal to your bidders, like gift baskets, signed memorabilia, and travel packages. For example, silent auctions are often paired with golf tournaments, which tend to be in the summer. Maybe you’ve been there before—your auction closes in 10 minutes, and there are items that no one has bid on.
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Aside from not having a fast-talking auctioneer setting bid increments and encouraging the participants to compete, there are some distinct disparities. Bid assistants or event emcees can encourage engagement by talking up the auction items. They can keep audiences updated and remind them to check their bids with regular announcements.
silent auction donation and most important job is to find auction items. So, you will need a strong auction committee of at least 10 plus people who are willing to go out and solicit items from friends, family, and stores. Firstly understand that to raise big funds you will need a lot of items (or fewer but high-end items) and a large amount of people to bid on them.