Rewarding Fundraising Ideas church fundraisers ideas

Are you ready for some super Church Fundraising Ideas?

Ideas that are simple to setup, fun for your congregation, and that actually raise the funds you need?

Well those are the ideas you’ll find here, plus more!

But before you start your fundraising campaigns there are a few important things you should consider, plan and do…

So please take a read through these church fundraising tips here to make sure your campaigns are super profitable.

I’ve also provided links and info to some great tools and resources for Church fundraising further below, so take a look. church fundraisers ideas

Two Advantages…

And please make sure you’re aware of two amazing advantages your church has when it comes to fundraising…

  1. Firstly that you already have a community of passionate supporters ready to help their church out when needed.
  2. And secondly that you have the most passionate team of fundraisers anyone could ask for…A youth group!

Given the right incentives and encouragement kids can turn almost any Church fundraising idea into a really profitable venture!

Church Fundraising Ideas:

Please remember that not all the ideas below will be perfect for you, so read through them all and pick the best fits…

Church Specific & Recommended Ideas:

The Best Church Fundraising Ideas
A short list of what I generally consider the best ideas for most Churches. The best ideas for your Church though, will always be unique to your situation!

Online Apparel
highly recommended fundraising campaign for most Churches and organizations!

Another option is a T Shirt focused Crowdfunding Fundraiser. Check out these success stories for this idea!

Online ‘Capital Raise’ Fundraising Guide
How to setup and run an online fundraising page to take donations for specific projects and fundraisers!

High-End Charity Ideas
Donor Campaigns, Major Donor Solicitation, Monthly Gift Programs, Crowdfunding Campaigns, Cause Marketing (Fundraising with Businesses), and Foundation Grant Appeals.

Church Cookbooks
Cookbooks provide multiple income streams and bring your community together. It’s a great idea.

Christian T Shirt Fundraisers
A focused apparel fundraiser that is popular and provides great funding potential.

Church Photo Fundraising
There a few different methods with this that provide some good options!

Church Calendars
A nice yearly fundraiser. Good for raising awareness as well.

Christmas & Festive Season Fundraisers
A great list of Church Fundraising ideas for the festive season. Like a Santa Fun Run, Christmas Karaoke, and Gift Wrap Fundraisers, etc.

Church Youth Fundraisers
Cool ideas for your Youth Group and kids.

Donation Boxes
This is a great article with ideas for your Donation Boxes and how to use them for greatest impact, and success!